My studio, “The Confessional,” consists of two playrooms and a full bathroom, containing a bondage table, a cbt chair, an open-frame, a winch, a spanking bench and a wide variety of BDSM gear.  

Corporal implements include a myriad of paddles (wood, leather, lexan, rubber), canes (rattan, tiger rattan, acylic, lexan) straps/belts/slappers (leather, rubber, firehose)  & floggers (leather, suede, horse hair, silicone, rattan, delrin), as well as wooden spoons, hair brushes, a quirt, a dressage whip, a sjambok, and a dragon’s tail.  

Light restraint to full immobilzation is available with the benefit of leather cuffs, spreader bars, chain, bondage gloves, belts, harnessess, armbinders, hoods, gags, blindfolds, rope, plastic wrap, etc., and i possess many items designed for stimulation ranging from sensual to severe, like the TENS unit, PES unit, & the violet wand, and an impressive collection of nipple clamps.